Tuning Sessions

Perth Hills Motorcycle Training's Tuning Sessions are a no fuss, no frills track session; just you, your bike and the track. Unlike our Performance Rider Training, these events are run a lot less structured allowing you to get the most out of your track time working on what you want, how you want.

This is a track session open for road and track bikes (slicks and tethered cameras allowed). No formal coaching is offered but we're more than happy to give you a few pointers if asked.

We run this event over the course of 2 hours and will be conducted in groups of 7 riders each. Each group will be out for 10 minute rounds on the track and then 10 minutes of rest alternating until end of session; so plenty of track time to enjoy.

We'll keep you hydrated too, we have an esky that will be stashed with cold water! Riding motorcycles is hard work! Especially at the track! Motorcycle engines need fluids, but so does the human body! So be sure to to keep your levels topped up throughout the event.

Spectators are absolutely welcome at no cost.

Motorcycle Trainer on Honda Fireblade (CBR1000RR)

Who can go?

If you are a competent road rider, or avid track day rider and want some unrestricted time with your road or track bike then come on down. The venue boats an awesome tight road based track, flex that throttle hand, and have some fun.

If you've never been to any track before we encourage you to first join us at a Performance Rider Training Event before joining us on a Tuning Session.

Attendees from a previous Tuning Session Event

What should I bring?

When attending our Tuning Session you'll want to be sure you bring:

  • Your motorcycle of course. We don't care what bike you have; We love diversity!
  • Suitable motorcycle riding gear. This means full length riding jeans, motorcycle jacket, fully enclosed boots (preferably covering ankles), riding gloves and helmet. One or two piece leathers are preferred.
  • No open face helmets, your helmet must be full-face.

We'll provide you with bottles of water to keep you hydrated throughout the session.

Honda CBR1000RR Motorcycle

Pre-Event Preparation

Before attending our Performance Rider Training Session you'll want to be sure to:

  • Perform a quick bike check, your motorcycle must be in road worthy condition.
  • Check for fluid leaks, as this could cause a hazard for you and other attendees. Motorcycles discovered to have any leaks will not be permitted to ride on any venue road surfaces.
  • Check your fluid levels, that your motorcycle has oil, coolant etc...
  • Check your tyres for wear, make sure they are in good condition, have tread, no cracks, eggs and that the compound hasn't dried out due to aging.
  • Check your tyre pressures and make sure they are as per manufacturers recommendation for the street.
  • Check that your exhaust baffle is installed (See noise constraints below).
Honda CBR1000RR Clean and Lubrictaed Chain

Attending the event

We ask that attendees arrive at the venue 30mins before the Event's advertised start time so we can get you all signed in, run through our pre-track briefing, divide riders into two groups etc... This maximises your time on the track.

Noise constraints

As per the conditions of use by the venue, we must adhere to a strict 94dB sound restrictions as detailed here.

Is my bike too noisy?

The general rule of thumb is if you think it's too noisy, then maybe it is. Most aftermarket exhausts are fine, but if you have taken the baffle out, then pop it back in... We can't run the event with obnoxiously loud exhausts.

Noise tests will be performed during the event. If your motorcycle exceeds the 94dB limit, you will be asked to run in a higher gear to bring the noise down. Failure to comply with this instruction, or your bike is still too loud, you'll have to come off the track.

You can test this yourself by using a Sound Meter App on your phone to measure the sound level. There are many to choose from, so here's a selection with good reviews:

Simply venture to a relatively open area (to minimise echo) with your motorcycle and bring along a friend... Get your friend to hold the phone and measure the sound level from around 20-30 meters away, while you give your bike a few good revs... If your pipe exceeds 94dB, then your bike is too loud.

Honda CBR1000RR Standard Exhaust

Where are the Tuning Events held?

We hold these events at the Driver Risk Management training facility (formally RAC Driver Training Centre) on Grogan Road near the Airport.

When and how often are these events held?

Ideally we will run these events as often as possible, we strongly believe that we become safer riders by being better riders, but like all things it is entirely subject to demand and we have limited spaces. We need the word to get out, the more events we sell out, the more events we'll run. You can help us by telling your rider friends and getting them involved too.

Finding out about our upcoming events is easy, you can check out our organiser profile on Eventbrite  or you can subscribe to our Mailing List where you will be notified by email for events as they are released. Alternatively you can also head on over to Facebook and checkout the events tabon our  Facebook Page. Don't forget to give us a like while you're there.

Otherwise, feel free to express your interest by contacting us now.

Driver Risk Management Venue

What does the track layout look like?

The Driver Risk Management training facility hosts a modest tight road faring track which closely resembles conditions you'd find in every day road riding, making it perfect for our rider training courses. While the overall geometry is fairly tight, it contains a few sweepers, interconnecting corners that curve into opposite directions and two prominent straights which all up, flows very nicely and definitely presents riders with plenty of challenging oportunities to test newly developed skills.

Check out our mud map below... If you would like to see us run a couple of laps of the track, check out our video below.

Driver Risk Management Track Layout



  • 2 hour session
  • 2 Groups, Slower and Faster
  • 10 mins on, 10 mins off
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