Group Rides

Our group rides are intended for existing students to gain more on the road experience prior to your PDA. You'll get the freedom of being in your own head space, exploring the Perth Hills, all while getting professional feedback on your style. There's even a coffee stop along the way.

Every ride is different, covering different locations every week traveling anywhere between 80km to 140km+ based on the consensus of the group.

We start each ride with a briefing that covers pre-ride safety checks as well as running through our basic protocol when riding as a group. It is an absolute must that all attending riders be confident at all road speeds.

Licensed former students are most welcome! You're awesome! We'd love your company... We'll also help you if we notice you've developed any bad habits that you should work on...

When and where?

Our group rides always start from a Forrestfield meet point and are run every Saturday starting at 10.30am.

If you are not yet licensed but have your own bike, with prior arrangement we may be able to pick you up along the way.

What is provided?

Upon request, we can provide you with a Motorcycle to ride (limited / existing students only), Helmet, Gloves and a Learner Vest. Booking our motorcycles is on a first in, first served basis, so be sure to get in early.

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Our Bikes

We typically roll with 3 bikes, each intended to suit your riding goals. We do offer our learner bikes on group rides for students that don't yet have their own or those holding RE license who would like to get some experience on something bigger.

Our bikes are meticulously maintained, fully insured and we have public indemnity cover.

Honda CB125 Motorcycle

Honda CB125 (LAMS / RE)

This has to be the easiest bike to ride and is best suited to absolute beginners that have never ridden before. It's lite, nimbal and doesn't have enough power to get you into trouble. You'll be pulling super tight U-Turns on this thing in no time flat. This is the perfect bike to get your RE License on.

Kawasaki Z800 Motorcycle

Kawasaki Z800 (R)

Our Kawasaki Z800 is for our R Class Students and packs a punch on power that is very smooth and predicatble. It is also very agile, all qualities making it an excellent motorcycle to learn how to ride big bikes. This bike will have you wanting for twisty roads, even if you thought that wasn't your thing.

BMW S1000RR Motorcycle


Our BMW S1000RR is our resident superbike, with phenomenal amounts of power at the riders disposal it is really meant for the race track. This is our instructor bike and only periodically offered to R Class students that demonstrate competance and discipline in riding big bikes.

What should I bring?

If you are not yet licensed, you will need to bring your learners permit.

You should always wear suitable motorcycle riding gear. This means full length riding jeans, motorcycle jacket, fully enclosed boots (preferably covering ankles), and helmet.

if you have your own riding gear, such as helmets and gloves, we encourage you to use that too.

If you have your own motorcycle and are on your L's, with prior arrangement, we can possibly pick you up from your home or workplace.

WA Learners Permit

How do I book in a Group Ride?

Our spaces for group rides are limited as we like to keep the group size down to which gives you the best experience. We also typically offer this service to our existing students, however if you can demonstrate that you can competantly ride your motorcycle we're happy to make exceptions.

The best way to book in is to contact us and we'll talk it through.

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